Cost of Online Casino

Any person who is interested in launching and running online casinos, full with casino games online and is keen on accepting from the customer's, wagers, then they should think repeatedly before doing that. There are some figures depending on one of the leading casino online software in addition with turnkey solution providers which will help customers settle back comfortably in their seats and continue playing these games. Actually speaking, approximately $1 Million is needed in order to open online casino account and for running the same. All the costs include design, software, licenses etc. Moreover, an additional $500,000 is required as marketing expense for the whole year. Cash reserve is also needed for covering the winnings of the players.

WGCDD or Casino Development provides figures relating to the portfolio of online casino. By investing 3000 Euros, one can add Flash Games meant for single player use that is customized with some unique graphics and include games like Puzzle Games, Physics Games, Adventure Games, Skill Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Fun Games, RPG Games, Space Games, Funny Games, Flying Games, War Games, Food Games and Shooting Games etc. Games meant for multiplayers are a little expensive and varies depending on the game rules. Its cost varies and is 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 euros for playing Pool, Chess and Monopoly respectively.

Social networking games also can be easily developed for a casino with great design and story board. Games for Facebook, Myspace or Hi5 can be created for as much as 20,000 euros. In case of WGCDD, the legal structure also is available, which has a service covering market analysis along with legal consultation and operating licenses for actual operation, can be obtained for 37,000 euros. Server fees, which is provided by WGCDD are generally less in total and includes 480 euros per month for maintenance fee and as monthly rental of server 150 euros.